HECís Energy & Environmental Management consist of Energy Management solutions for Mechanical & Electrical systems and Environment Friendly.

Most of our systems are designed to reduce utility cost such as Electricity, Water and Fuel and reduce consumption of Steam and Chemicals. When waste of energy is recovered by one of the system installed by us, it stops global warming too.


Our areas of speciality as below:

Equipment and Systems for Energy Saving

         1.  Boiler Blow down Recovery System

         2.  Stack Heat Recovery System for Thermal Oil Heaters, Boilers, HotAir

              Generators & Incinerators.

         3.  Many More Energy Saving Equipment for Thermal Power Plants and

         4.  Steam Traps and Fittings for steam piping system etc.

Process Equipment and Systems

1.     Thermal Deaerator

2.     Electrical Steam Super Heater

3.     H.P & LP Chemical Dosing Systems

4.     Furnace Oil Pumping & Heating Station

5.     Heat Exchangers for Various Applications

6.     Custom Made Systems and Specially Fabricated Equipment  






Over the past twenty years, maintenance has changed, perhaps more so than any other management discipline. The changes are due to a huge increase in the number and variety of physical assets         (plants, equipment and building) which must be maintained throughout the world, much more complex designs, new maintenance techniques and changing views on maintenance organisation and responsibilities.


In general, HEXGEN ENERGY CORPORATION scopes these services are as below: -

  •    Maintenance of existing plant equipment.

  •    Maintenance of exiting plant building and grounds.

  •    Equipment inspection and lubrication.

  •    Utilities generation and distribution.

  •    Alterations to existing equipment and building.

  •    New installation of equipment and building.

    And HEXGEN ENERGY CORPORATION SDN BHD Maintenance Strategies are: -


Reactive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance






To compete and sustain as main player in future business, many companies are in the process to reduce utilities and operation cost. Some top management of these companies decided to take steps in order to cope with rapid changes in socio-economic and environmental scenarios by implementing plant optimisation such Co-generation and Tri-generation systems which are environmental friendly and energy (cost) saving. These systems are very much viable through reasonable amount of investment and give the returns within 3 years time.         

In this connection, we have following comprehensive energy plans for Power & Utilities plant optimisation systems to meet future challenges:


   Co & Tri-Generation Systems, as per following sequence.

1.     Gas Turbine, HRB, Steam Turbine to generate electricity.

2.     Fuel Fired Boiler, Back Pressure Turbine to generate electricity or to    drive mechanical equipment & Steam for Process Equipment.

3.     Diesel Generator to generate electricity, HRB Boiler and Hot Water or    Steam for Process Equipment.

4.     Micro Turbine to generate electricity and Hot Water for process.

5.     Other custom made systems.


    Biomass and Waste To Energy Power Plant Systems

1.     Biomass Power Plant (Fuels EFB, Palm Shell, Fibre & Kernel, Coconut    Shell, Furniture & Sawmill Waste, Rubber Wood, Rice Husk, Coffee    

        Seed Waste etc.)

2.     Municipal Refuge/Solid Waste and Waste-To-Energy.






As a Malaysian based Engineering and Project Management Company, HEC supplies system and builds Small Power Plants (SPP) below 20MW on turnkey and BOT basis. Furthermore, we have our counterparts in USA, India, Hungary and Canada to handle projects in Malaysian and other parts of the world.


We have equipment, know how and systems for all phases of Energy Services & Management (ESM) and can offer them on supply, design-build or finance-build-operate basis in a cost effective manner that can save a lot of capital, utilities and Operation & Maintenance costs.

We are interested in tie up with companies that can work with us on providing project leads so that we can pursue and implement the project opportunities. If you are lack of funds LET US INVEST FOR YOUR RETURN in any of your energy projects. 

In Project Management Services our focus are in the following fields: 

     Energy Management Projects ( Installation of Bio-mass Boiler, Energy Saving Equipment such as Micro Turbines, Economiser, Feed Air Preheating, Burner Tuning, Blow Down Heat Recovery, Chiller & Electrical Energy Conservation Systems)

    Installation Mechanical & Electrical Systems.

    Installation Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

    Installation Gas Fired and Absorption Chillers

    Installation Boiler / Steam Engineering Systems  


Operation Engineering Services (Provided Competent Personnel to Operate Diesel & Steam Engines, Boilers, Chillers and other Engineering Plants)






     Condition Based Maintenance.

1.     Vibration Analysis Services

2.     Infrared Thermograph Imaging Services

3.     Oil Analysis etc.

             Equipment Calibration







     Technical Training.

1.     Boiler & Steam System Optimisation Workshop

2.     Electrical System Maintenance Workshop

3.     Maintenance Engineering & Management

4.     Air Conditioning System Maintenance Workshop

5.     Diesel Engine Operation & Maintenance Workshop

6.     Boiler System Workshop


    Energy Audit Services.

1.     Steam System

2.     Air Conditioning System

3.     Electrical System

4.     Thermal Oil Heaters

5.     Heaters etc.


    Steam Visiting Engineers